Peter Evans Partnership | Mission: First past the chequered flag in the PEP Mini Grand Prix
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PEP Team all set for the big Mini Grand Prix in Avonmouth

Mission: First past the chequered flag in the PEP Mini Grand Prix

Avonmouth Team Sport hosted this year’s much lauded PEP go-karting Mini Grand Prix. Racing suits, helmets and gloves on and the 13 (unlucky for some) drivers were soon underway. James, the 2018 champion, fought his way into pole position for the final race of the night.

There was some questionable behaviour on the track, but it was clear for all the spectators to see that the PEP team is competitive to a man – and woman. The PEP staff line up on the grid

Lewis, opting for hard tyres for the race, was the victor on the night, displacing the crown from James’ head and overcoming fierce opposition from Mark and Ahmed who achieved silver and bronze respectively with some brilliant attacking driving.

2019 champion Lewis declared, “I’ve now retired from motor sports but winning the PEP Grand Prix will go down as my greatest motor racing achievement of all time. Great fun had by all!”

In bronze position, Ahmed Akhbar was heard to say, “It was a real honour and pleasure to be on the podium standing side by side with my seniors. But sometimes the happiness of others is your own happiness and it would have been pretty disrespectful to win with a 15 second gap!”

The top three on the podium following the PEP Mini Grand Prix

Lewis not quite able to believe his win, with Mark left in second, and Ahmed in third spot

And the defeated champion James, who was never far off the pace, graciously said, “I was delighted to qualify on pole position only to realise soon after the start that my colleagues would resort to dastardly ploys to literally bump me down the order!  Great evening out though.”

Finally, the only female in the competition, Anna proudly announced, “As the only female in the group I was very happy not to come last!  It was great fun with very competitive colleagues!”