Peter Evans Partnership | Mission: Avoid a soggy bottom in the PEP Bake-off
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The three finalists with their de

Mission: Avoid a soggy bottom in the PEP Bake-off

Over a three-month period culminating in the final on 3rd December, staff from PEP stirred, beat and mixed for all they worth in a bid to hold the hallowed title of Star Baker. Each Monday the contestants carefully carried in their efforts from that weekend’s baking – responding to a different and ever challenging theme each week.

  • Something Savoury
  • Big Cakes
  • Tray bakes
  • Biscuits
  • Something Cheesy
  • Cupcakes
  • Halloween Theme
  • Bonfire Night Theme
  • Final – PEP 35th Anniversary Celebration Cake
The winning entry from Lewis celebrating the 35th Anniversary of PEP

The winning entry from Harry, marking the 35th Anniversary of PEP

Modelled on the famous Great British Bake-off TV programme, the organisers made sure it was suitably difficult. There were tears, burns, expanded waistlines, dodgy dealings, tactical scoring, not to mention an entry left on the bus. But eventually an all-conquering baker was chosen.

And as winner Harry put it, “The PEP Bake Off is a fierce competition and to be the first employee to win the competition and be crowned PEP Star Baker two years in a row is a huge honour. I wonder if anyone will ever knock me off the top spot?”

Fighting talk from Harry, and just the smallest hint of disappointment from runner-up Mark? “I can’t believe Harry won the bake off again. I’m not saying it was a fix but how can you win when you have a whole bunch of zero’s from your colleagues. Apparently Directors are not allowed to win either, but like the Murphy’s I’m not bitter!”

An entry from Halloween week in the competition

A Halloween week entry

While James, who bravely joined the fray as a virgin PEP baker, unaware of what he was about to face, commented after, “I entered the PEP bake off tent for the first time with high hopes, but it soon became all too apparent that the standard was going to be exceptional and I had to say goodbye to the tent after round one!  It was close though and at least no one was ill after eating my cake!”

Winner Harry, with a glint in the eye not dissimilar to Paul Hollywood’s, was awarded a cash prize at the PEP Christmas Dinner. The knives are already being sharpened and rolling pins oiled for next year’s event.