Peter Evans Partnership | A ‘cut above the rest’ submission for Worcestershire Crematorium and Cemetery
PEP produced a Transport Statement considered to be a cut above the rest for the Fladbury Crematorium and Cemetery near Evesham, Worcestershire.
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PEP provided the Transport Statement for Fladbury Crematorium

A ‘cut above the rest’ submission for Worcestershire Crematorium and Cemetery

PEP was commissioned to provide the Transport Statement for a new Cemetery and Crematorium off the A44 in Fladbury Cross near Evesham.

The intention was that families would no longer have to make long journeys to crematoria at Worcester, Redditch, Oakley Wood or Cheltenham.

The applicants, the Westerleigh Group estimated that 70,000 people in the Wychavon district would, for the first time, have a crematorium accessible in under half an hour.

The scheme is now open. Established in 1991 and operating across England, Scotland & Wales, the Westerleigh Group is the leading developer-operator of crematoria in the UK. Three new crematorium sites have been completed in the past few months following assistance from PEP.

We provided transport advice on access, layout and car parking with a Transport Statement prepared for the planning applications.

PEP were highly commended on the Fladbury S278 Agreement design which was approved with the lowest number of S278 design checks and Worcestershire’s design checking agents stating ‘our submission was a cut above the rest’.

This scheme, as well as Babworth (Nottinghamshire) and Royal Wootton Bassett (Wiltshire) all required right turn lane junctions from higher speed roads and PEP successfully negotiated and prepared the S278 Agreement detailed design for all three schemes.