Mission: Test the PEP quizzers' collective mine of useless information - Peter Evans Partnership
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giraffe question in quiz

Mission: Test the PEP quizzers’ collective mine of useless information

Outcome: Well… Three teams of PEP quizzers pitted their wits against stiff opposition recently at The Ship Inn on Lower Park Street in Bristol. The questions proved tricky even for the keenest of soap watchers… There were all the usual rounds: celebrity pictures, name that tune and plenty of general and specialist knowledge. The staff at The Ship were great hosts and everyone had an enjoyable time. It was the taking part that mattered…

To give you a sense of the line of questioning, to win the prize money the contestants had to know the colour of a giraffe’s tongue, when the two pound coin was introduced and how many two pound coins you’d have to pile up (and therefore the total monetary value) to match the height of the tallest giraffe in the world… Not that anyone in the office can remember the answer.

Onto the next challenge…