Peter Evans Partnership | Mission: learn to pipe, dip and decorate a truffle
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Pippa PEP workshop

Mission: learn to pipe, dip and decorate a truffle

The challenges the PEP team set themselves know no limit. This time it was a visit to a Zara’s Chocolate truffle-decorating Workshop, although the mission didn’t prove too arduous on this occasion. After all, who doesn’t like a high quality chocolate?

Keen to support local, independent businesses, PEP took the team to Sundial Kitchen on North Street, Bedminster, where the workshop was taking place.

Hosting it was Zara from Zara’s Chocolates, which has a shop further along North Street. The shop has a kitchen in-store (not quite big enough for a workshop) which enables visitors to see the chocolate-making in action. The popular small business has been a winner of the Bristol Good Food Award four times. And it was clearly evident, why.

Pippa our graduate transport planner-cum-chocolatier

So back to the truffle-decorating workshop itself. The chocolate truffles were ready and waiting to be filled with whatever flavoured ganache the participants chose to concoct – and there were definitely some interesting flavours being dreamt up…

The real test came when everyone had to pipe the ganache into each truffle shell, dip each one in a chocolate coating and then top with a chocolate lid.

The results were pretty impressive. Better still, everyone could take their works of art with them – although not all of the truffles got as far as home…

What next for the intrepid PEP team? Well it’s only a matter of time.