Peter Evans Partnership | Forget crash for cash PEP are using dash cams for another reason
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PEP uses dash cam footage

Forget crash for cash PEP are using dash cams for another reason

There’s more to dash cams than insurance claims. Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular with motorists in the UK. Figures provided by Aviva Insurance in 2019 show at least 17% or 7.7 million UK drivers, are now using one.

They’re small, relatively inexpensive cameras that record your view of the road. The evidence they provide means that if you’re unlucky enough to have an accident – or are a victim of ‘crash for cash’ – you can prove to your insurers exactly what happened.

As well as settling insurance disputes in accident claims, they footage they provide is regularly used by police forces to help with pleas for witnesses. They’re used in cases of hit and runs, road rage attacks, roadside scams, carjacking, speeding…

…But at Peter Evans Partnership, as part of the services provided, they’re used to gather information for clients. Along with written reports, the PEP team also shares video footage in situations where it can make a valuable contribution.

International application

A report can only go so far in painting a picture. So for clients who are not familiar with the roads in the UK then a video is the perfect solution. For one international client dash cam footage has proved to be particularly useful.

For one overseas client to fully understand local traffic conditions and highway layouts near their development, PEP used a dash cam to record the local highway networks between 7am-10am. This enabled them to see congestion in the area first hand to better appreciate its impact on their operations as well as journey times.

Other uses

PEP have also used dash cams for a variety of other uses including:

  • Parking surveys – footage is used to count parked cars kerbside
  • Supplementing Street view – Google may have captured more than 10 million miles of imagery from around the world, but in more rural areas much of this is over 10 years out of date. Our dash cam footage has proved vital filling any gaps close to client developments.

The Department for Transport’s Road Safety Statement 2019, refers to the ‘growing use of digital and still video photography. Camera footage increases the chances of identifying careless and dangerous drivers and their vehicles, and with supporting evidence, allows enforcement and potential prosecution through new initiatives such as Operation Snap or the National Dash Cam Portal (which provides a web based platform to submit footage).’

We believe that there are wider benefits to be gained from dash cam footage in terms of informing transport consultant’s thinking on road safety. It’s time to fast forward it…

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