Peter Evans Partnership | JLL Property Triathlon – PEP team excels in the annual industry event
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JLL Property Triathlon – PEP team excels in the annual industry event

It’s become something of an annual outing for PEP – if you don’t count the interruption caused by the global pandemic. Once again the Bristol-based Transport Planning Consultants entered a three-person team in the JLL Property Triathlon, at Dorney Lake in Berkshire on the 1st July, with one change in personnel.

James undertook the swimming stage of the relay, a 750m open water swim of the Dorney rowing lake. Asked about his training in the run up to the event, James recounted: “One visit to the swimming pool two days before and that was it! I was fuelled by porridge and the thought of not letting my team down!”

Maybe Mark, who did the 5km run round the lake, had a training regime? “I just used my natural talent!” So that’s a no then. Lee however cycles to the PEP office every day which must have helped his four lake laps totalling 21.2km.

Training or no training, the PEP team came in a very respectable 166 out of 429 relay teams who completed the race. Mark’s position amongst the runners was a commendable 61, so maybe he trained more than he let on? Rather spookily their excellent finish time of 1hr:24m:59s was just 46 seconds slower than the 2021 PEP team.

The new charity partner for the JLL Property Triathlon was WWF and the event raised an amazing £179,280. Who will make the grade and win their place in the PEP Relay Team next year?