Peter Evans Partnership | Travel Planning
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Travel Planning


PEP is experienced in the completion of Travel Plans, as part of a Section 106 Agreement or a Condition, for a variety of developments. Our work ranges from promoting current travel options, umbrella or framework Travel Plans to developing and managing full Travel Plans.

Each plan outlines measures and initiatives aimed at promoting more environmentally friendly travel choices and reducing overall reliance on the car, and we have a wealth of knowledge in this area. Considerations include car-sharing schemes, cycling facilities, bus services, and restricted car-parking.

The Plans can be designed to promote good health, reduce the carbon footprint, improve the local environment, as well as reduce travel costs, traffic congestion and parking pressure. Ultimately, we work with clients to develop a solution best suited to their own specific needs.

We undertake travel surveys and traffic/parking surveys as part of the monitoring and review process. We can provide a Travel Plan co-ordinator, help appoint an in-house co-ordinator, and assist with publicity campaigns to market alternative travel options.

PEP is a member of ACT TravelWise, the UK’s main network for organisations promoting sustainable travel.